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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Free Marketing Analysis

If you are not getting the response you want from your current marketing efforts, call us now. PKG Communications will analyze your chosen marketing tool (be it a website, brochure, flyer, sales letter, newsletter, etc.) and supply you with recommendations to increase the effectiveness of it. What do you have to's free!

If you don't have any marketing materials, PKG Communications will conduct a marketing objectives analysis. We will use our findings to make simple recommendations to help you kick off your marketing efforts in the best possible way! And, these recommendations are free!

Please note: free recommendations are not a marketing plan and should not replace your marketing plan. We firmly believe that every firm should have a marketing plan, these recommendations will help you start your marketing planning, or help you analyze/make changes to your current marketing plan.

If you do not have a marketing plan, please call us today. We offer varying levels of service, depending on your needs: we can teach you how to develop your own marketing plan; we can help you with the strategic brainstorming of the plan and let you write out the plan yourself; or we can do it all for you.

Customer Testimonial

"PKG Communications has been invaluable in helping me to establish my new business. PKG has been my brain when it came to outlining the steps necessary to begin a business. She is very creative with marketing strategies and is always trying to identify the most cost effective marketing strategies."
- Bobbi-Rhae Mackie, Whole Food Meals To Go

Customer Testimonial

"For the past month I have worked closely with PKG Communications, and I have found the consultant to be very resourceful and competent in her documentation. PKG's reliability and strong commitment to their clients is reassuring.
Any future success I may have with my company, Community Transit Connector, may in part be accredited to the strong work ethics of PKG Communications. So, if you wish to make your dream of starting up a company become a reality, then I would highly recommend that you contact PKG Communications.
- Reg Smith, Community Transit Connector

Free Marketing Vehicle Analysis


We learn about you,

your business,

your goals,

and we put plans in place

to help you achieve those goals.



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