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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Internal Communications

Did you know that every business has two sides? An "inside" and an "outside"! The inside of your business consists of your internal operations, employees, culture, unique competencies and the quality of your product/service. The outside of your business consists of people's perception of your business, your competitors, your customers, government, technology and other environmental factors that affect your business. PKG can help you communicate from the inside out!


Good employees: good people can be one of your best assets. But, how do you find these people? In order to hire the right people you first need to be sure that you are asking the right people to apply. PKG Communications will help you write comprehensive and targeted job descriptions that will ensure you are asking for the right skills and competencies to fill your needs.

We also write training guides and policy manuals that guide your employees and help them to make informed decisions. Knowledgeable and competent employees, who share your values, understand your business, and love their jobs will provide a better customer/client experience.

So you see, internal communications are just as important as marketing communications. In fact, they go hand-in-hand. Marketing communications will help you grow while internal communications will allow you to accommodate that growth. PKG Communications helps clients:

  • Develop frameworks for documenting policies and procedures, business processes, standards, or guidelines
  • Lay out a plan for writing policy and procedure manuals to achieve organizational effectiveness
  • Develop a user guide outlining the writing format for new, or revised, policies and procedures, business processes, standards, and guidelines
  • Write draft policies and procedures
  • Coordinate, review and approve draft policies and procedures
  • Write training guides and training manuals
  • Write job descriptions
  • Write performance measurement standards

To learn more about our internal communication writing services, contact us today!

Now serving Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope, Victoria, Okanagan, Toronto, Saskatoon, Alberta and the Yukon.

Internal Communications

Customer Testimonials

"PKG Communications has provided expertise and guidance during the development of our corporate website. The superior service we received has enabled us to reach a number one spot in Google for the keywords we wanted to rank."
- Ron Bodnar, Maverick Construction Ltd.

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