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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Marketing Communications Services

Are you too busy to find new ways to effectively communicate to your target market? Neglecting essential marketing functions can severely hinder business stability and growth. PKG Communications can help you eliminate this risk.


Effective marketing that makes an impact. How do you make an impact? Words! Targeted, personalized words that describe how you meet the needs and expectations of your target audience. Effective marketing is more than just advertising your company name and the products and services that you sell.

PKG Communications writes targeted marketing content that communicates how you will meet your clients' needs. This service will give you the opportunity to increase your customer/client base and grow your business. Our content writers are marketing professionals that are passionate about helping you achieve your marketing goals.

"When you spend your business career focusing on other peoples' needs, you will make a lot of money"
- Wilson Sieg, Cognitive and Accountability Skills Training

You see, several business owners do not realize the power of persuasive words. Words communicate who you are, why you are in business and what makes you the best in your market.

PKG Communications will help you:

  • speak directly to your target market;
  • address their needs;
  • communicate how you will fulfill their needs;
  • identify your unique selling features;
  • prove why your product/service is superior to your competitors;
  • persuade your target market to act (request information, purchase online, etc.).

We are ambitious, business-savvy writers. We help clients define their strategic marketing objectives before we initiate the writing process. We conduct research to ensure that we completely understand each client's market and position. We design integrated marketing communication plans that help you achieve your business goals. We continue to work with you on a weekly, monthly and/or quarterly basis as your outsourced marketing department.

These value-added services make PKG Communications superior to all of our Vancouver marketing consultant and business writing competitors.

Persuasive Content with Calls to Action!

We provide the following marketing communication services:

  • content writing for websites and other online communication vehicles;
  • proposal writing services;
  • content writing for letters, newsletters, sales letters, marketing faxes and marketing emails;
  • print copywriting for brochures, flyers, posters, case studies, and fact sheets;
  • copywriting and articling for catalogues and magazines; and
  • survey creation, data collection, data analysis and report writing.

To learn more about our marketing communication writing services, please contact us today!

Now serving all of BC, including: Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope, Victoria, Penticton, Vernon and Kelowna. Serving outside BC: Toronto, Saskatoon, Ontario, Alberta and the Yukon.

Marketing Communications, Vancouver

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks again for exposing Maverick in a way that got us the great results we wanted!!"
- Sandy Bodnar, Maverick Construction Ltd.

"PKG Communications' overall knowledge of the structure of a business and what is required for success was a huge help to me during the start-up of my business."
- Alex Chesky, Room Essentials

"PKG's knowledge of Marketing helped me develop my brand and gave me a sense of confidence in promoting my business."
- Michelle Koval, Positively Green Clean


We price for small business owners' budgets.

What's're not a small business owner?

Then you're getting a good deal!




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