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Media Kit

The fusion of fine marketing and a media kit is crucial to growing your business. Your media kit is your company advocate. It'll go places you can only imagine. What you put in it, how useful it is, and whom it targets, will determine if it climbs to the top of the pile, or goes in the garbage. PKG knows the thin line between significant or suppressing information, and will help you maximize your media kit to get it all the attention it deserves.

IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE THAT COUNTS: Exploring the Media Kit

What a media kit is, as the name suggests, is fairly self-explanatory. What you put in a media kit, is the defining line between overwhelming and useless information.

Essentially, a media kit (also referred to as press kit) is a set of documents, electronic and/or print, that is for the purposes of giving information on your company. The function of having such a kit will largely determine what is included, and your media kit should be as targeted as a mosquito to a bare leg.

Media kits are traditionally distributed to the press (such as radio stations, newspapers, and television stations) for the purpose of attracting them to your company to give you some airtime. If your company's business is of interest to the media's audience, or a current subject is newsworthy, they'll usually contact you for a story. Thus, generating publicity.

Other reasons for the all-important media kit is if you sponsor or donate to causes/events, have investors, or your considering buying media or advertising.

If your marketing agency isn't requesting your media kit, they aren't interested in learning about your company.

It's not about glossy brochures or high-end annual reports. The collateral should be attention-grabbing and specific to the media kit's function.

Here is a short checklist of documents that may need to be included:

  1. Company Information (imperative) - include head office address, number of employees, locations, mission statement, company values, etc.
  2. Financials - stock information, short form of annual reports, and specific investor relations contacts.
  3. Press Releases - recent and relative to the purpose of the media kit, can also include articles published on products/services associated with your company.
  4. Logo Standards - all the information the media would need to reproduce your logo.
  5. Contacts (imperative) - who should the media or recipient contact with media questions, for a quotation, or sales inquiries? And, the obvious: website and email addresses, phone numbers, etc..
  6. Nice To Have's - referral letters or client testimonials. Has your company given a generous donation to a local charity? Or, has your company been nominated for "Top 50 Places To Work"?

To determine what your needs are, and what should be included in your media kit, contact PKG Communications. We can design your media kit for print and/or electronic distribution, which can be decided upon depending on your audience. As specialists in marketing, we'll make sure what's inside is everything that will count.


Media Kit

If you ask for media coverage (and every company should) the media will ask you for a media kit. But a bad media kit is worse than no media kit at all. Find out what information your kit should consist of to make a great impression with the media.

Need more information? Contact us now: 604-859-9095.


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