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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

About PKG Communications

We help you communicate! PKG Communications specializes in writing for marketing and internal communications. Our mission is to help organizations grow.


We help you increase your customer base through providing powerfully written marketing communications. We write a clear, concise message that interrupts, engages and educates your target audience. We write for:

We understand how busy you are. Time is a valuable resource: leverage it! Maximize the use of your time and allow us to write for you!

Embrace Growth

Finding the right people is essential to accommodate growth. If you want to grow, we can help you!

PKG helps clients write job descriptions to attract the best-suited employees. We help ease the transition of hiring new staff through writing training materials and documenting policies and procedures. This will save you time, energy, and money and will assist you in achieving a high level of performance and accountability from your staff.

Help Communities Grow Stronger

PKG Communications helps non-profit organizations who benefit the communities we live in via offering our services at discounted rate. We assist non profits with marketing and promoting their programs, increasing their funding, and program development. To learn about our low cost marketing and internal communication services for non-profit organizations, please contact our Abbotsford, BC office!

Planning Your Business

Customer Testimonial

"PKG Communications totally understood what my passion was for my business and put it into writing, I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you!"
- Michelle Koval, Positively Green Clean

Where are you right now?

Where do you want to be 2 years from now?

Plan, communicate, and you will get there.



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