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 Marketing Strategy + Effective Communication = Business Growth

Why Generate a Press Release?

Why? Because it could have an enormous impact on your level of publicity. A professionally generated press release may be exactly what you need to:

-get a toe (or more) in the media door;

-gain positive recognition for your name;

-enhance your website, magazine, newspaper, and television appearances;

-improve your company credibility.

Press releases are a lucrative investment because they can reach many media channels at once, with greater efficiency than regular advertising. Generating press releases online is, in many ways, better because the publication is almost instantaneous, the article is entered into the index of search engines like Google and Yahoo (which means that it will likely reach a larger population), and it can linger on the Internet indefinitely. PKG Communications recognizes your company's hunger for success, and we can help you satisfy your appetite by:

-guiding you through the process of generating press releases;

-writing your press releases for you on an as-needed or regular basis;

-submitting press releases for you to the appropriate media contacts in the requested format;

-brainstorming press release "angles" that spike interest and communicate important information;

-editing your press releases to give them a more journalistic tone (this increases the likelihood of the release going to print).

We can be your connection to the media. Contact us today, it could make a world of difference!

Press Release Writing

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks so much for all your great help. Your efforts will be a huge part of our success!!!"
- Tracy Steere, Abbotsford in motion

"PLINC Marketing has worked with PKG Communications on several projects that involved their copywriting services. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the English language was a huge benefit. In particular, Terri-Lynn is very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend PKG Communications for their copywriting services."
- P.L. Meindertsma, PLINC Marketing Inc

Is your current marketing efforts yielding the results you want?

Well, perhaps you aren't communicating effectively.



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