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Training Manual Writing

Have you ever wondered how to streamline your training efforts and maximize your people's talents? Training Manuals! Training manuals help:

  • reduce employee errors;
  • increase the quality of customer service;
  • increase employee productivity;
  • train managers and employees to take over certain functions;
  • cultivate good employees;
  • increase the effectiveness of the hiring process;
  • manage employee performance.

Reduce Employee Errors

Do your customers have zero tolerance for errors? Most do! PKG Communications can help you reduce employee errors through developing training manuals that clearly outline your expectations of employee performance and behaviour.

Increase the Quality of Customer Service

Do your employees make eye contact, call clients by their name and greet with a smile? If not, they may need to be reminded of your service expectations. A great way to remind them is to figure out the specific behaviours and performance standards that you are looking for and document them in a training manual. Facilitate a "customer service training session" in order to introduce your expectations.

I am sure you are thinking, "this makes sense, but I just don't have time!" PKG Communications can help you with all of the above. Your sales rely on the quality of service that you provide. Let us help you provide "over the top" service!

Increase Employee Productivity

Do your employees know what to do? According to Mark Graham Brown, author of Get It, Move It, Prove It: 60 Ways to Get Real Results in Your Organization, the best way to improve productivity is to make sure employees know exactly what is expected of them. PKG Communications will help you do that! We will help you determine, define, and document your clear and explicit expectations in a training manual.

Train Managers and Employees to Take Over Certain Functions

Are you interested in easing the transition of change? PKG Communications will help you provide your employees with professionally written guidelines and expectations for their new roles.

Increase the Effectiveness of the Hiring Process

Is turnaround and training monopolizing all of your free time? Training new employees takes time, and time is your most valuable resource. Providing a training manual, or training materials, will help you save time. Manuals outlining how to greet customers, how to unveil customer needs, how to most efficiently serve customers will enhance your training efforts.

Granted, you will still have to spend some time training your employees, manuals should not completely replace your instruction. Training materials, will however, increase the effectiveness of your training time. PKG Communications will help you develop an effective training manual and materials which will shift the responsibility to learn and work suitably on your new employee.

Manage Employee Performance

Do your employees give you their personal best? Are they committed to the right goals? It is important to measure employee performance, monitor their outputs and provide regular feedback. This is key in all training efforts. PKG Communications can help you increase the effectiveness of your training efforts through creating an employee performance measurement program.

To learn more about our training manual writing services, please contact us today!

"Make sure employees know exactly what is expected of them, which means making productivity standards clear and explicit"
- Mark Graham Brown, Get It, Move It, Prove It: 60 Ways to Get Real Results in Your Organization

Training Manuals

Customer Testimonials

"I was very impressed by PKG Communictions' professionalism, fresh ideas, and knowledge - plus I could see clearly how they could be flexible by suiting things specific to my company."
- Lynn Leach, Downriver Administration

We price for small business owners' budgets. Not a small business owner?

Well then, you're getting a good deal!



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